Patricio V. Marquez

Safe Water and Basic Sanitation: Critical Investment for Safeguarding Public Health and the Ecosystem in the Galapagos Islands--A World Heritage Site

                                  Patricio V Marquez

                                   January 17, 2024

“I will impart to you a discovery of a far wider scope than the trifling matter that our water-supply is poisoned.”
 ---Henrik Ibsen
“An Enemy of the People” (1882)

Operation Warp Speed and the Development of COVID-19 Vaccines in the United States: A Lesson on the Value of Public Goods

By Patricio V Marquez

February 17, 2023


“Society usually makes progress out of necessity”
Sir Jeremy Farrar 
former director of the Wellcome Trust and current chief scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO)


Mental health is as Important as Physical Health in a Post-Pandemic World

Patricio V Marquez

January 21, 2023

It is widely accepted that the world is currently going through a historical moment characterized by a “polycrisis”—a cluster of multiple global emergencies, unfolding simultaneously on an unprecedented scale, impacting all countries.